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Longman Pronunciation Dictionary
Author: J.C. Wells

Publisher: Longman
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: 0-582-36468-X (cased edition), 0-582-36467-1 (paperback edition)
Format / Quality: MDF
Size: 687 Mb

The Longman Pronunciation Dictionary is the most up-to-date, comprehensive and authoritative pronunciation dictionary available. This expanded and completely updated new edition includes:
135,000 pronunciations, giving full coverage of both British and American English using the alphabet of the International Phonetic Association
over 200 graphs showing pronunciation preferences of British and American speakers, and how these are changing, for words like controversy, either, harass and garage ? based on Professor Wells' unique Pronunciation Preference Poll over the Internet
recommended pronunciations clearly shown in blue for each word, as well as other pronunciations in common use
stress patterns for thousands of compounds and idioms
more than 50 Spelling-to-sound boxes and 35 Language Panels
thousands of proper names, including
people ? forenames, family names, names of literary and mythological figures
places ? thousands of cities, towns and rivers in Britain, North America, and Australia, as well as major towns, cities and rivers in the rest of the world
commercial products and brands
pronunciation in the language of origin, as well as English, for words and names from foreign languages


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Мастер слова
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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 5th Revised edition
Author: Michael Mayor
Publisher: longman
Publication date: 2009
ISBN: 1408202972
Number of pages: 2112 pages
Format / Quality: MOBI
Size: 12,9 MB

The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (5th edition), is the most comprehensive dictionary ever. *230,000 words, phrases and meanings more than any other advanced learner's dictionary *165,000 examples based on real, natural English from the Longman Corpus Network. * Clear definitions written using only 2,000 common words. * Over 18,000 synonyms, antonyms and related words. * Over 65,000 collocations. * The top 3,000 most frequent words in spoken and written English are highlighted to show which are the most important to know. * NEW Integrated Collocations Dictionary. Over 65,000 collocations will improve students' fluency. * NEW Integrated Thesaurus. Over 18,000 synonyms, antonyms and related words will improve vocabulary range. * NEW Register Notes focus on the differences between spoken and written English. * Academic Word List highlighted. * Grammar and warning notes ensure that students avoid common errors. * NEW text design ensures students can find information fast. PLUS...The Longman Vocabulary Trainer tests your knowledge of a word its meaning, grammar, collocation and usage then remembers how well you know that word. The word is then recycled and retested at different intervals so the word is never forgotten! You can download the Longman Vocabulary Trainer to your mobile phone to make the most of learning on the go!

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Материалы и форум » Английский язык » Дополнительные пособия » Словари
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